Hi and welcome to the open marketer

the open marketer looks at how organisations can create and deliver greater value for their customers and themselves through digital, design and business model innovation.

Why the ‘open marketer’?

The philosophy of the blog is about being open to new ideas and new ways of doing business.

And ‘marketer’ because I started my career as an old school 4Ps marketer, and have a slight obsession about trying to retain the original meaning of marketing, i.e marketing is about how organisations deliver value to customers and derive value for themselves, and includes product, service, price, customers, channels, as well as promotion and advertising.

The I in that sentence is Penny Webb-Smart in Sydney, Australia. All views expressed are my own. Hopefully you find it interesting and useful.

Please add comments and feedback to any posts or you can contact me at: theopenmarketer@gmail.com or @pennywebbsmart on Twitter.


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